February 1, 2012

RICHARD (DICK) ELLIOTT: CYCLE OF THE SUN is the first of a suite of five videos created by R.J. Sánchez for the Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington in Seattle. The videos highlight the museum’s permanent collection. Visitors to the Henry can quickly and easily access the videos through their mobile devices by scanning QR codes printed on the museum’s wall labels.

CYCLE OF THE SUN is a site-specific series of reflector paintings created for the Henry in 1989 by Northwest artist Richard (Dick) Elliott. The work is made up of 21,500 reflectors and was designed to react to the way light changes daily and with the seasons.

Producer/Director: RJ Sánchez
Production Manager: Rachael Faust
Writer, Narrator: Sara Krajewski
© 2011, Solstream Media

BAKED BROWN, by The Golden Hours
THE GREAT, by Broke for Free