Two Videos — Henry Architecture, Past and Present
May 21, 2013
December 5, 2011

This video focuses on an untitled work in the Henry Art Gallery’s collection by contemporary artist Roy McMakin. UNTITLED is a semi-permanent, site-specific installation that is often overlooked by visitors to the Henry because it seamlessly blends in with the museum’s architecture. The work consists of a digital print covering a transom window above the door in the entrance rotunda of the original 1927 Carl Gould-designed Henry Art Gallery building. The print simulates an ideal view through the same window it covers.

ROY MCMAKIN: UNTITLED is the second of a suite of five videos created by R.J. Sánchez for the Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington in Seattle. The videos highlight the museum’s permanent collection. Visitors to the Henry can quickly and easily access the videos through their mobile devices by scanning QR codes printed on the museum’s wall labels. The video series is a collaborative project between the Henry and Solstream Media.

To Learn more about Roy McMakin, check out the Henry’s Digital Interactive Galleries (DIG).

Producer/Director: RJ Sánchez
Production Manager: Rachael Faust
Writers: Kaitlin Nowlin, Rachael Faust
© 2012, Solstream Media

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