Our studio

We partner with you to create cultural media and photography for arts and education.

Solstream Studios is dedicated to partnering with you and your cultural, educational, or non-profit organization to bring stories to life through thoughtful and compelling image-based media. 

With all projects, from half-day photo sessions to multi-phase video productions, Solstream Studios principal, RJ Sánchez guides the entire process from concept development and preproduction planning through multi-platform delivery. RJ ensures that every step of the production process is executed with a craftsman’s attention to detail while still delivering on time and on budget.

RJ Sánchez

Principal & Creative Director

Whether it be still images for museum-quality printed publications, high definition video for synchronized multichannel projections, or voice-over narration for online learning modules, Solstream founder and Creative Director RJ Sánchez has worked on every aspect of image-based media since he began working with museums, universities, and cultural organizations nearly twenty years ago.

Our frequent collaborators

We partner with fellow creatives and experts in your field to get it right.

Utilizing a wide network of creatives and subject matter experts, Solstream Studios puts together the right team to realize your one-of-a-kind project. Uniquely specialized in cultural media, we understand the complexity of your non-profit and have access to experts who currently work or have worked in your field.