Cultural Media

Every organization, whether it be a celebrated institution ushering a centuries-old tradition of learning into a new era, or a by-the-bootstraps startup on the bleeding edge of cultural programming, has a story to tell that’s central to its mission. Sometimes the story chronicles how the organization is fulfilling its mission; other times the dissemination of stories is actually the core part of its mission.

Solstream Studios is dedicated to working with cultural and educational non-profits to bring these stories to life through thoughtful and compelling image-based media. Resisting the urge to simply perpetuate the latest fads in social media, we specialize in mining your institutional knowledge and leveraging relevant research by working closely with subject matter experts, scholars, educators, and curators. The outcome of these partnerships is meticulously crafted photography, video, and audio with longer than expected shelf life. This is cultural media: rigorously researched, meaningful media that faithfully represents and secures the legacy of your programs, curriculum, exhibitions, collections, architecture, workplace culture, and institutional history.

The Process

With all projects, from half-day photo sessions to multi-phase video productions, Solstream Studios principal, RJ Sánchez guides the entire process from concept development and preproduction planning through multi-platform delivery. RJ ensures that every step of the production process is executed with a craftsman’s attention to detail while still delivering on time and on budget.

What makes Solstream special

Having served educational institutions, museums, and cultural organizations for nearly 20 years, RJ Sánchez has built Solstream Studios upon a set of core values that guide every project.