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November 1, 2015
Two Videos — James Coupe and Juan Pampin: Sanctum
November 2, 2013

The Itch to Stitch Embroidery Series of videos were created for the Henry Art Gallery by Solstream Media in collaboration with Phil Cabeen and artist Lou Cabeen.

Each of the five videos in the series focus on one of the following categories of embroidery stitches: looped, flat, knotted, couched, and crossed. In addition, each video highlights objects from Henry Art Gallery’s Costume and Textile Collection.

Watch the rest of the videos in the series on Solstream’s Vimeo page. Explore the Henry’s collection online and view more stitches in the Henry’s Embroidery Stitch Identification Guide.

Produced for Henry Art Gallery by Phil Cabeen and Solstream Media

Conceived, written by, and featuring Lou Cabeen, Associate Professor of Art, University of Washington

© Henry Art Gallery 2015



AIR HOCKEY SALOON, by Chris Zabriskie