Two Videos — James Coupe and Juan Pampin: Sanctum
November 2, 2013

This five-minute video features James Turrell's Skyspace, Light Reign, at the Henry Art Gallery on the University of Washington campus. Commissioned in 2003 to commemorate the Henry's 75th anniversary, Light Reign is Turrell's first structure to combine two key aspects of his work within one building: interior Skyspace and exterior architectural illumination. It is a unique pavilion that acts as both meditative chamber and public artwork.

This video is part of a series highlighting the Henry's permanent collections. The series is a collaborative project between the Henry Art Gallery and Solstream Media.
Producer/Director: RJ Sánchez
Production Manager: Rachael Faust
Featuring: Richard Andrews and Sylvia Wolf
Editor: Matthew DiTullo
© 2013, Solstream Media

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